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A little bit about me and my photography style...

Hi! I'm Bridget. I am a lifestyle portrait photographer based in the Lake Minnetonka area who seriously loves creating authentic images that tell a story. In addition to my passion for photography, I could go into great detail about my enthusiasm for all things health and fitness. My deep love of outdoor running and hot yoga. My (quite serious) addiction to good coffee. My adoration of breakfast and sunrises and adventure. But what really matters to me is quite simple...

My people.  Movie nights with my daughter who is literally growing up right before my eyes! Sharing my morning French Press with the love of my life. Dinner with my incredible parents, my sweet nephew's giggle, and laughing with my sister and great friends over brunch.

I want to know what's important to you and your family, what makes you YOU, and I want to photograph it. Your love. Your connection. Your real life moments. I want to capture your newborn baby’s tiniest smirk, and that new expression your toddler just started to make. The amazing laugh from your high school senior who has the world at her finger tips. The way your husband looks at you like you're the only one in the room. I want your headshot to be as unique and genuine as you are.

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Bridget Knight Photography specializes in organic, authentic Lifestyle Portraits for newborn, high school senior, headshot, and baby/ child/ family.
Sessions begin at $250 and head shots from $150. Sessions take place at an outdoor location or in your own home.
Now booking through 2018.